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Location Ideas


1. Burns Park in North Little Rock

big, trees, walkways (dirt and paved), bridge, cabin, grass, red-covered bride, fences

2. Collins Creek in Heber Springs

water, rocks, trees

3. Henson Park in Sherwood

water, rocks, walking paths, grass, bench

4. Along Two Rivers in Little Rock

trees, hilltops, fences, grass, walking paths, water, weeping willow, open field

5. Walking Trail in North Little Rock

grass, walking paths, trees

6. Paradise Park in Jacksonville

large body of water, trees, bridges, rocks, docks


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What To Expect at Your Newborn Session https://kairosphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2019/2/what-to-expect-at-your-newborn-session  

NEWBORN SESSIONS! We have learned that not a lot of new moms really know what is going on when they schedule a newborn session with us. Questions like "What do we wear, how long will it take, and what if I have to feed my baby?" are all commonly asked. We wanted to shed some light on the beauty that is a newborn session. This blog post has oodles of information that will help you properly plan for such an important day in your baby's life. They are only this small ONCE!


1. When should I schedule my newborn session?

You can schedule a session as soon as you know you are pregnant, or you can wait a couple of months until you know the gender and are more sure of the due date. We will mark your due date in our calendar. As soon as your little one arrives, let us know! We like to schedule newborn sessions within 10 days of them being born. A 1-week-old will sleep and pose more easily than a 2-week-old! We want them to still be comfortable in those "womb like" positions. 


2. What if my baby is early/late?

Communication is key! If your bundle of joy arrives early, get a hold of us and we will work things out! We know due dates can be unexpected, and we are always ready to work around that.


3. What do I wear?

In the following images, you will see many of our families choose to show up in simple, white shirts. While you do not have to choose white, we usually suggest that you wear something solid. Bold prints or crazy patterns do not read as well in photos, especially when we want all of the focus to be on your precious new addition to the family! You do not have to show up "matchy matchy," but you defiantly want to color coordinate with your family to make sure all of the colors look good together. For information on what your baby will wear, refer to number 6 below. Also keep in mind that we keep the studio warm to keep the baby is as comfortable as possible. So you might want to wear layers that can be shed, or a change of cooler clothes! 


4. How long does a newborn session last?

This is a very tricky question to answer! We have had a newborn session last as long as four hours, but have also had some last an hour and a half. We usually tell parents to plan on being at our studio for at least 3 hours. Anything less than that, great! But MOST of the time, we find that our sessions can last a while. 


5. What is actually happening at my newborn's session, especially if it takes that long!

Yes, 3 hours is A LOT of time to carve out of your busy schedule, and what if you have a toddler who cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes?? All perfectly normal concerns, but we have some answers for you. 

  • When you first show up, baby will most likely need to feed. Bottle or breastfeeding, that is going to take some time! We like our models to have a full tummy. If you are able to feed baby right before you leave for your session, please do! That will allow us to get right into the picture taking!
  • After baby is fed, we want them to get VERY sleepy. This can by tough because babies seem to know when they are in a new environment with different lighting and noises. In one of our 3 hour sessions, we got all of our images in a 20 minute window! The rest of the time was spent trying to get baby sleepy and comfortable. During this time we will ask you to strip baby of all clothing except the diaper. 
  • When baby is comfortable, we will most likely start with family photos before we lose the attention of that toddler, or before we can't get dad's eyes to stay open because he fell asleep! We also want baby to stay in your arms as long as possible to, again, get them nice and sleepy.
  • Once family shots are finished, dad is welcome to take the siblings out for a treat. Our studio is located in downtown Little Rock, so walking down to the Riverwalk or to a restaurant is easy! Of course, they're welcome to stay as well, but we know it can be quite boring for little ones! 
  • After the family photos, we will get some shots of baby alone in a basket, tin, scale, or whatever we decide to get creative with! 
  • Next, we take your baby to our "newborn posing pillow." This is where most of our time will be spent. Parents can sit on the couch and relax while we do our best to "super pose" your baby and capture those fading details. We like to use white noise and a space heater so that baby will be as comfortable as possible.




6. What should I bring to the session?

We provide all the props and clothing we need already in our studio. When baby is not naked, he/she will be swaddled or wrapped in a cloth or blanket. Unless you have a sentimental outfit that you really want photos in, baby clothes are not necessary. When you show up, do bring baby in loose clothing that will not leave marks on baby (ex. tight socks or a headband that will leave an indent on baby's forehead). We are going to take the clothes off anyway, UNLESS you have a specific request to keep an outfit on. 

We also love it when parents bring personal props for us to work with. If you have any special stuffed animals, crotched items, baby blankets, military gear, or anything else sentimental, bring those with you! We will try and incorporate anything you bring. This is your session and we want to make sure you get the images you want! 




7. How should I prepare my baby beforehand? 

  • Feed your baby before you come, or as soon as you arrive. 
  • Keep your baby awake an hour before you arrive. We realize they will most likely sleep during the car ride, but you can try your best at home before you leave!
  • Be ready to relax and sit while we work with your child! Parents will apologize to us if their baby isn't "acting right," but we are very used to waiting for baby to fall asleep. We do not get annoyed if baby has to keep feeding on and off for an hour! Newborns know what they need, and they need YOU! We will do our best to fit into your baby's schedule and we will ALWAYS be patient.
  • Don't get discouraged if your baby will not let us get the more complicated poses. Sometimes all of the handling and awkward poses are just too much for a 1 week old! It is perfectly normal for us to try a pose only to find it will not work out for your child. SAFETY COMES FIRST! We never want to make your newborn do something he/she is clearly not comfortable doing.


8. What if I have more questions?

Never fear! We are ready to talk to you TODAY about any more questions you may having regarding our newborns sessions. Feel free to contact us! You can Facebook us, DM us on Instagram, call us (leave a message), text us, or email us! Our contact info can be found here on our website or on our other social media pages. Also, one big thank you to all of the families who are featured in this blog! You make us look good! 


- Melanie and Lindsey 

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5 Tips That Will Improve Your Travel Photography https://kairosphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/5/5-tips-that-will-improve-your-travel-photography

            If you've ever met me, you know I’m ALL about some sight-seeing.  Every opportunity I get to travel, I do.  Travel photography is tricky though.  It seems like the photo never does the experience justice, does it?  So how do you really capture what you're experiencing?  What you’re seeing?  What you’re feeling?  Here are some tips to help you achieve that. 

1. Get up Early

            Yes.  You heard me right.  Listen, if I’m telling you to get up early, you know it must be important.  There are two reasons I tell you to shoot early.  

One: the light.  The light is just more beautiful in the mornings, let’s be honest. 

Two: the crowds aren’t out yet.  Especially in touristy areas, the stereotypical Americans in their t-shirts and visors can ruin an otherwise perfect photograph.  In the mornings, it's just you and the locals. 

So get up early!  Take a nap in the afternoon when the sun is too harsh to fight and the tourists are reigning.  In the mornings, however, take advantage of the golden hour without the crowds.  It can’t get much better than that. 


2. Reflections, Reflections, Reflections

            Want a new outlook on your shot?  Reflections are your friend!  Take advantage of them because they are an easy way to automatically give you a new perspective. 

Puddles are a great way to add reflections.  They can take an already-massive scene and make it twice as massive. 

3. Capture the Culture

              You will want to remember things about the culture when you leave.  How did the people dress?  What unique foods did you try?  What was the architecture like?  If you remember to look for these things in your photos, you will capture more than a photo. You'll capture an experience. 

Bonus tip: Adding a person in the shot can do wonders.  It gives the viewer a sense of scale and gives the image a focal point.   

4. Change Your Perspective

            STOP SHOOTING THE SAME SHOTS EVERYONE ELSE GETS.  Find a new perspective that makes your pictures stand out from everyone else’s!  That means finding an angle that nobody else thought to get.  

 Note that a good landscape photo has 3 layers:  the background, the middle ground, and the foreground.  It gives depth to a photo! 

5. Observe! 

           Lastly, pay attention to your surroundings!  Look for interesting colors, patterns, or things that don't usually belong there.  In the shot below, it took a split second for me to notice this red balloon on its way up beside the Eiffel Tower.  Some moments happen that fast, and if you're watching, you'll catch them! 

I literally caught these horses out our car window. . .  The same split second that we drove by, the sun peaked through the clouds and the horses ran across.  Maybe that was luck, or maybe it was just me being observant.  Pay attention and capture amazing moments!  


Happy shooting!  



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