“It’s amazing to learn about God’s creations and see them everywhere, but then He gave US the ability to create. And that’s where our passions lie! Whether it’s photography or music or computer programs.. I know you can understand what I mean when I say that I am so thankful to have been created equipped to create.”


Lindsey and Melanie here! Thank you so much for visiting our site to learn more about us and what we love to do. We both grew up in small town Searcy, AR.  After graduating from Harding University, Melanie married Lindsey’s brother. As sisters-in-law, we learned we have a common passion: photography. We love weddings, babies, laughter, coffee, and talking about Italy. Most importantly, we love photographing people and their beautifully messy lives.

The word Kairos comes from ancient Greek, meaning “the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; a fleeting, precious time that creates opportunity for action, words, or movement.” We believe that some of the most beautiful Kairos moments can be witnessed at both weddings and when a new life is brought into this world. These are the moments we are committed to capturing so that you never forget them. 

Let us capture your Kairos. 


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